Homage thread-- Proceed at the peril of your sanity.

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It's raining here, again, as usual, so it seems to be a good day to sit at the puter and create some hate, discontent and turmoil so our highly paid mods can earn their keep. :lol: Actually, I would prefer that the homage haters either stay away or hold in their vitreol but I've been here long enough to realize that someone won't be able to control himself. :crying:

First some caveats:
(1) I abhor fakes. When I found that I had a fake Montblanc I took it to the range and used it for target practice. Another good purpose for a gun.
(2) I've paid my dues to Rolex, I have 5 of them and my wife has one and we may get more.
(3) I've heard the cliches about slave labor.

TooDah, here it is !

I paid $13.59 for this including shipping from China. I've had it two days and it is keeping nearly perfect time and working very well in every respect. I was playing with the date when this picture was taken so that's why the date is off. I think it is fascinating that a watch this good can be made and shipped for that price.
Let the hate begin.
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Thank you Semper Eadem, I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that. Quite observant of you.
I never thought a Pepsi bezel would be for me, too gaudy, until a coworker wore one to work and I saw that it was much more subdued in the wild than in pictures. I still wasn't sure, I'm not much of a peacock, but when this showed up I thought it would be a good time to find out if it was for me.
I continue to be amazed at how well it works considering the price.
I thought starting homage thread here might be more daring than flying my ultralight but everyone has been pretty adult about it. The mods have to be pretty disappointed that they didn't get to do any of their mod stuff.

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I'm looking forward to seeing your homage.
Doggone, I thought you mods enjoyed mayhem ? Oh well, I tried.
I should have mentioned that my pictures today have been brought to thanks to Banker who, with boundless knowledge and infinite patience, gave me back my ability to post pictures.
$13.59 won't go very far toward the "real thing." Please don't forget that I have 5 of the "real things" and my wife has one.
Now to satisfy my curiosity, it keeps time well, it changes dates when it is supposed to, it winds when I move my wrist, it works as well as the "real thing" so what makes it "crappy?"
Doggone it I'm going to stir up some hate, discontent and turmoil for the mods yet ! :cursing:
ULACK, don't forget,I pay your salary ! :wink::lol:
GETS, I kind of wish I knew why I have 5 Rolexes, I guess for the same reason I have about 70 Accutrons and various other watches, because I want them. I wish I could give a better answer but I can't. It might have something to do with the fact that there was a time in my life when I couldn't even afford a Timex so there is some feeling of accomplishment.
I think I wanted the Soki because I was intrigued that a watch like that could be purchased for that amount. I wish you could experience how well it works, amazing for the price.
As to whether Rolexes are "over priced", that is a whole new subject and a whole new way to start some hate, discontent and turmoil for the mods to deal with but, in my never humble opinion, I don't see how anybody could argue that they aren't overpriced. My wife has three watches including a Seiko which cost less than $100 and which keeps better time than her Rolex and I have a 40 year old Accuquartz which keeps better time than any of my Rolexes.

ULACKFOCUS, wow, that's some golden parachute you have !
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Thank you for posting the homages folks, you have emboldened me to post this.

The two on the upper left are my two Submariners, the rest are:
Invicta about $95
Alpha about $65
MQJ about $35
Soki about $15
The only one that doesn't work as well as the Subs is the MQJ which runs about 3 minutes per day slow. I actually prefer the crown on the Invicta to the Subs as far as finding the right place for the functions.

Presa Canary, I assure you that my only motive is fun or making work for the mods, the same thing I guess. I'm sorry I wasn't better able to explain my ownership of 5 Rolexes, I guess I lack the sophistication. I'm generally not as impressed by whom an article is made as much as I am by the article.
A city near me commissioned an internationally known "artist" to create a piece of "art" to put in front of their new civic center. On the big day of it's arrival the sophisticated crowd waxed eloquent about it's "depth of feeling" and " bold vision" etc. The great unwashed unsophisticated crowd quickly named it the cement porta potty and it became the object of so much scorn and derision the city moved it to a less prominent location. The unwashed didn't care who created it.
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I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the MQJ and the Sokis came off of the same assembly line, I haven't opened them to look at the movements. The Alpha seems to be a little better built and the Invicta has a Miyota movement and is a cut above the others.
OK, this thread seems to have run it's course and everyone is to be commended for their adult behavior. but, one more thing. I'm not sure anyone noticed, though SemperEadem came close, that the watch does not have R---x hands ?
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