Homage thread-- Proceed at the peril of your sanity.

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It's raining here, again, as usual, so it seems to be a good day to sit at the puter and create some hate, discontent and turmoil so our highly paid mods can earn their keep. :lol: Actually, I would prefer that the homage haters either stay away or hold in their vitreol but I've been here long enough to realize that someone won't be able to control himself. :crying:

First some caveats:
(1) I abhor fakes. When I found that I had a fake Montblanc I took it to the range and used it for target practice. Another good purpose for a gun.
(2) I've paid my dues to Rolex, I have 5 of them and my wife has one and we may get more.
(3) I've heard the cliches about slave labor.

TooDah, here it is !

I paid $13.59 for this including shipping from China. I've had it two days and it is keeping nearly perfect time and working very well in every respect. I was playing with the date when this picture was taken so that's why the date is off. I think it is fascinating that a watch this good can be made and shipped for that price.
Let the hate begin.
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really guys who cares, its a crappy watch but is if he likes it who cares. Saying that it is not for me. I rather save the money and buy the real thing..
$13.59 won't go very far toward the "real thing." Please don't forget that I have 5 of the "real things" and my wife has one.
Now to satisfy my curiosity, it keeps time well, it changes dates when it is supposed to, it winds when I move my wrist, it works as well as the "real thing" so what makes it "crappy?"
Doggone it I'm going to stir up some hate, discontent and turmoil for the mods yet ! :cursing:
I have not hate att all, its a nice watch
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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