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I must have been sleeping alot lately, that I missed the 'inaugaral' opening of the Panerai Forum.

I thought folks here do not collect or like Panerai.

Months ago, I did ask what does the meaning of H, A, C, D etc etc series mean?

I emailed Panerai but I heard no reply. I got their catalog 2007 but they didnt explain much. I tried to search about online but also to no avail.

I am not sure about the series much. Panerai, whether brand new of 2nd hand, always command an extremely high price, yet often, the new models are sold out even before they reach the stores.

From what I know, many gentlemen love their Panerais so much....that they probably will not think twice getting them if they hold well-paying jobs.
For some, they will go for the Panerai-lookalikes watches at much lower prices.

Sorry for sidetracking, but back to the question what does the alphabets mean?

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Sorry for sidetracking, but back to the question what does the alphabets mean?
I missed the opening of the forum too :blink::blink:

But im glad its here.

I had to do a little backwards math because i couldnt remember off the top of my head but i think the numbers go like this ........

A series is 1998
B series is 1999
C series is 2000
D series is 2001 (which 2 of mine are)
E series is 2002
F series is 2003
G series is 2004
H series is 2005
I series is 2006
J series is 2007

I hope this helps you :thumbup1:

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From "J" series (year 2007) SOME of the Luminor line changed the way the strap is fastened to the watch.
Harry is correct. The Luminor models that changed to the new system are the Contemporary line (check out Panerai's website). The Historical models still use the old strap-changing system, which is fine in its own right, but not as easy.

The models with a 1950 case also use the new system, not the old one.
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