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Hello -
I'm seeking a new strap for my 1962 Hamilton Stafford (19mm lug). This model is on the smaller side, so I don't want a strap that will 'overwhelm' it (not too thick / 'beefy' like many modern straps for big pieces), but I also want a little weight (deployment?). I'm considering two options:

A: A vintage strap, though I can't find a Hamilton, or one the right length (the vintage long's seem too long).
B: A Hirsch Lizard (thinner than some of the other models?) with their sport deployment clasp.

The other thing is length. The current strap that's on the piece is ecaxtly 7.5" in total length - a taaaad too short for my tastes, especially since I'm using the last hole on the bracelet. The Hirsch long's seem to be sized just right, at 120mm, or 7 7/8" - just right.

Any ideas on the above two or other options, given my pickyness?

Thanks for any thoughts or direction.

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