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Just want to say hello. Watch addict since 2009 and member on various different watch forums. Really getting tired of some of the sites and looking for more friendlier people. I'm afraid I don't have my collection in hand but I'll list them:

Most of my watches are @ home but my current roster includes:
Fossil Chronograph 2538
Orient Blue Mako
Seiko 007
Seiko 009
Seiko 5 (x2): vintage 80s auto
Citizen Nighthawk
Tissot PRC200
Vostok Komandirskie
Tommy Hilfiger F90205
Guess G854905
Timex 2G201
Pam Homage: 47mm Radiomir & 47mm Fiddy
HMT Janata {incoming}
HMT Janata (Art Deco) {incoming}
HMT Pilot {incoming}
HMT Sona {incoming}
Poljot Strela 3133 {incoming}
Seagull M171S {incoming}
Seagull 1963 Reissue {incoming}

Watches I want to get:
Seiko OM
Seiko 5 Military
Poljot Okeah/Ocean Chronograph
Laco A-Dial Fliegar 42mm
Cartier Tank
Longines Master Collection Moonphase
Hamilton Khaki King II

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Hi from the Eastern Seaboard!

A warm welcome, JY.We're pleased you're giving us a try.
I promise we'll be friendly for the first couple of weeks. I see you know what you like so I can skip my usual schmaltz about being here to help your collection along if needed. :biggrin: Take your time looking us over and learning all the site's nooks and crannies. We hope to see a lot of you in the different forums and share your knowledge and your watches (i.e. photos (hint, hint, hint)). Especially on those HMT's you have coming...we don't have too much experience here with that brand.

Hope to see you soon!

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welcome to the boards, thats quite the collection you have already, thank you for joining us here, I think you will find a great mix here, of new, vintage, and unique watches, please post some pics of your current collection, or feel free to take part in the daily wrist watch thread in the general forum. Thats always my favorite thread.
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