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Heya Ballers!

I've been out the game for quite some time now! Just took a peek at the ball website for the first time in, well, a long time, and WHOA! They have been some busy beavers! I love some of the new additions, particularly in the Trainmaster line! The 21st Century and Flying Scotsman are beautiful! Unfortunately, I see they are both LTD ED's, so I assume they are unobtainable by us bottom feeders? :001_unsure: The Engineer II line has some impressive looking pieces (chronometer red label - OMG /drool), and the Hydrocarbon line has some real beasts (and I mean that in the good sense!). I also kind of dig that Fireman Racer, for a more casual look.

Anyway, I've still got 3 in my collection (Diver GMT, Fireman B&O, and Aviator Dual Time), and my Diver (the favorite of my collection) is ready for service. Still runs well, but the crown now has some trouble screwing back in. What's the process of getting it serviced? I've had it about 4 years now, I think. Pretty sure its past warranty, so what's the approximate cost? Where do I send it? Ballwatch USA? Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated!

Next order of business will be to check on pricing and availability of some of these new beauties.

Does Ball have something exciting coming for Baselworld 2012?

Good to see you all again!!!

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