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Hey guys I have been looking for a rolex that is a little unique and different for a while and I had a question about a listing and was wondering if you could help me out. The aforementioned timepiece is a (gorgeous) 18k gold rolex cellini with a unique detailed bezel in a hexagonal shape, the question i had is if it is truly authentic. The reason I have my doubts is because i searched the internet and only came up with one or two examples of this watch. One of them was a 25mm ladies watch and it claimed it was from 1986, the other one was a mens version (the one i am looking at) and was measured at 34mm and says the watch is circa 2006
Here is a link to the listing and i was hoping you would be able to give me the benefit of y'alls professional opinion.
obviously i would never pay what they are asking this is the only OTHER example of this watch besides what i myself am looking at

the seller messaged me back after I asked him this question and said it was from a VERY limited production run so they are very rare and hard to find so that doesnt really help me as i am looking for some form of third party verification
if anyone has any knowledge of such a watch please let me know

In the meantime i will continue to wait until the right one comes around
Thanks for your time
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