Heritage 36mm

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I tried on a new Heritage (36mm) on the mesh bracelet today.

I really liked it! It sat on my wrist perfectly and looked great.
On the down side the bracelet did not seem that well made, the clasp was rubbish and the bezel was very cheap feeling when rotated!

This could be a real winner but really needs to be about 38-40mm with a better made bracelet and clasp.

Does anyone know what movement is in it?

Is it a good one (it is cosc so it can be bad)

The AD claimed that it was a different movement than the 46mm version but didn't know if that was only because of the sub seconds or if it was inferior etc.

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Hey Mac,

I too am very surprised at the comments on the bracelet, clasp & bezel. I've handles both the 38 & 46 and both were very well made, what I'd expect from a Breitling. It's possible it may have been that one example. Also, the 'vintage' bracelet is very different from the current ones & does take getting used to (to be honest I'm not a fan of mesh bracelets) so that may have played part of it?

And as Rick said, they do have different movements, but they're of the same high quality build. Instead of using a smaller movement in a larger watch (which many lower grade companies will do) they used a properly sized movement for the 46mm, thus 2 different calibres. However, the 2 calibres are equal in specs (all except diameter).

To answer your what movement is in it question, the 38mm has the Calibre 37 & the 46mm the 17. Both 28,800 vph. The slight difference is the 37 has 27 jewels & the 17 25 jewels. I'd guess that's due to the fact the second hand on the 38mm is a sub-dial, not part of the main stem, thus the added complication. Also due to the added complication is the fact the 37 is a 40hr reserve & the 17 slightly more at 42hr.
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