Here it is!

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Hi Guys!

Second Rolex purchased on Saturday. The GMT II !

I'm over the moon with this watch. The "pepsi" dial is the best choice with the history that goes with this watch IMHO. The watch is still running out of cosc specs so I will get around to sending it either back to my AD or Rolex for a routine timing regulation, but in the meantime enjoy the 3 pics.

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Just called my AD to see if they can find me a new one.

The more I come to this site, the more it cost me!!
My AD just called and said that he could get one and the price is $5750.

Have you seen them cheaper?

I will shoot you a pm
Shoot me the AD's you are talking about and I will give them a shout.

1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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