help with vintage omega seamaster

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I would like to see if anyone could help identify this watch for me and also tell me if it is real or a fake. This is a watch that has been passed down and i don't know much about watches. I have looked on google a bit and haven't seen one that looks the same as this. I am guessing its from the 50's but that is just a guess after talking to a couple people. i haven't had the back off yet, hopefully tomorrow i can make it to the omega dealer in town.

thanks in advance
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Hopefully this pick is better. Couldnt get natural light tonight I can take another tomorrow though.

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I'm not sure how to post larger pictures to the site. This picture got resized by tapatalk. Maybe I can load it through the laptop next to see if that helps. Sorry for the inexperience.
Yes it does feel like there is something loose inside it. The watch also does not run

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I brought it in today. I was told that its a 1954 or 55 model 14xxxxx serial number with a caliber 354. The watch guy at the omega dealer is going to clean it up and try to get it going again. He said he has one that is a year or two older and quoted me what I think is a reasonable price to get it working. He also said that he would replace the case gasket and the crystal on it. It was very exciting to learn what he had to say and look at the craftsmanship it took to make this timepiece.

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Those look very nice. I asked him to leave the dial as is and also the hands. He thought he had new ones but I am partial to a good patina. This will be a very long month wait for me.

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