help with vintage omega seamaster

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I would like to see if anyone could help identify this watch for me and also tell me if it is real or a fake. This is a watch that has been passed down and i don't know much about watches. I have looked on google a bit and haven't seen one that looks the same as this. I am guessing its from the 50's but that is just a guess after talking to a couple people. i haven't had the back off yet, hopefully tomorrow i can make it to the omega dealer in town.

thanks in advance
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Please turn off the flash, move to better natural light (indirect sunlight is best) and get a good, clear shot of the dial. I suspect it's an authentic 50's Seamaster, but who can be sure with the glare in the only shot of the dial? We need to clearly see the whole dial in detail, especially the fonts.

Nope, can't see the printing. We need very clear shots, preferably larger, to tell.
Lets try this
There ya go! That looks like an original dial to me. That crazing and cracking is exactly how 50's Omega black dials age.

Now I need you answer another question: when you move the watch around, does it feel like a coin is bouncing around inside or not?
You have what's known as a "bumper" automatic. Click this link for more info: [video][/video]. Some of us are loyalists to that outdated technology. :wink: Don't wind or try to use it if it doesn't run! You'll ruin other parts inside of it. Your watch is probably in desperate need of a cleaning & oiling, which we call servicing. It's a nice watch and a great heirloom that deserves good treatment.

It's an early to mid 50's watch, most likely with a caliber 351 inside.
Good deal. Don't refinish the dial though - collector's LOVE that aged look of black dialed Omega's from that era. Owned a few myself over the years, this being the nicest.

This one is Kyle L's watch, but we did a temporary swap so I could check it out and shoot the dial.

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