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hello all .. i am new to this site and dont know if this is were i should post this but here goes ... i have a old elgin pocket watch i think 1920 Railroad Watch

i have been looking at e-bay and on the net for a long time now and i cant seem to find anything on this model .. there are a few close to it but not the same ...

i live in a small town so not too many place to bring it to ...

i think it is a rear model as i have found a lot of them but none are like this one

what i have found out is from the watch it's self {see pics} B. W. Raymond Lever set Railroad Watch. Gold 21 j

this was my grandfathers and he used to work for the R.R.

it is very nice and keeps perfect time

i am trying to upload the pics if they dont show up here e-me and i will send them .. i have 8 or 9 pics ... View attachment 32576 View attachment 32577 View attachment 32579 Watch Pocket watch Dishware Clock Silver

i want to sell it but i don't have any idea at all what a fair price would be as i just cant find it any were on the net can anyone help ? thanks... Watch Analog watch Clock Quartz clock Material property
View attachment 32575
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