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I am looking for an automatic watch winder for my boyfriend for Christmas. He is a watch enthusiast and very discerning when it comes to everything watch-related so I want to get one he will like but am having trouble picking one out. Right now he has a Rolex Explorer II, a vintage Tudor, and a Fredrique Constant.

From what I gather, Wolf winders are the most desirable. Are they really worth the extra expense? I was looking at a Heritage Collection 2.1 Double Watch Winder with Cover and Storage for $360 from Amazon. I was kind of hoping to spend something more like $200, though. Would it be stupid to get the single version of this (which is $200 on Amazon), as he has 3 watches?

OR should I get him an Pangaea or Heiden dual watch winder with storage for around $200. Is Wolf really worth it?

Please advise ASAP! I have been going crazy looking at all of these watch winders. Really have no clue what I'm doing.

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Stop....take a Deep breath in....let it out slowly!

A good winder isn't going to found in the bargain bin. Like other products, you're paying for special features and quality materials.

First, you'll both want one that is quiet.
Not all winders are! Check out "Brand X customer reviews" and pay attention to complaints about noise or praise on the silence.

Regardless of who makes it, get one that is programmable.
El Cheapo winders only go 'round in one direction at one speed. And some watch enthusiasts say that this is bad for the watch...that it will wear out prematurely. More important is that not all auto watches wind in the same direction! Some are bi-directional, but some only wind clockwise and some only counter-C/W.
There is also the theory that changing the winder's speed of rotation more closely resembles the action(s) of the wrist. And this translates into the watch owner being sure he gets a fully-wound watch in the morning.

Programmable winders also shut themselves off at the time you choose.
That way your boyfriend doesn't have to hang around the house to turn the winder off manually after a 12 or 15-hour winding session. Not that the watch would be harmed....automatic watches are all built so that they CANNOT be over-wound. But it would be silly to have the winder running when it did not need to be!

A single vs. a multi-unit winder.
That depends on your guy and not on the winders. I don't believe a one-watch winder is better built than a 2-watch or four-watch winder. Instead: what are your guy's wearing habits? Do ALL of his watches get worn regularly? Really? There's no sense keeping all his watches wound up if they're only worn on special occasions or to church on Sunday. But on the other hand, if you have a multi unit and one of them stops working, you still have a couple to fall back on.

As for specific brands, this is where I stop and let other members have their say. I don't use a watch winder, nor do I have any need for one; and that means no experience with specific makes and models.
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