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This is the reason I am afraid to step up to the more expensive Invicta's.
QC and CS seems to be a real problem. I glean that from hearing what the many fine Invicta owner/collectors have to say about Invicta QC/CS.

I mean I like the look of Invicta watches that I own better than a half dozen of the low end models. The thing about that, one breaks, one goes to the garbage pail and I can get another one brand new. But when I want to dish out $200 to $1000 for a watch it is because not only do I like it but I expect it to work and work for a while. I also want QC to be at a point that it would be a surprise for it to have a problem over a few years and if it does, I want CS to be there to take care of it. I think, from what I have gleaned from many of you QC and CS is a problem Invicta has not adequately addressed.

I look at the pictures of some really fine looking Invictas posted here and think, I want one of those but, then I won't pull the trigger because of QC and CS issues. Am I mistaken here? If so, please let me know.

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