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TB, I had the same issue with my 3824. I sent it to Invicta under warranty and they fixed it and returned it, fine, no problem. To second Bill's comment, I would also suggest taking pictures of your watch front, back and sides. For my own documentation I also take a digital video of opening any package containing a watch sent from Invicta service center to me. That way there is no doubt as to any damage or the condition of the watch when it was out of your control. I have not been as fortunate with my 3826, and it was sent back to Invicta the third time and I asked them to repair the physical damage to the watch that was caused at their facility.

You should be able to get an estimate on the repair at a local watch repair shop, or a jeweler. You may find it more acceptable to pay for the repair locally than to send it to Invicta.
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