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I have several of the watches with the SW200 movement. Two of them had to be sent back to Invicta because the winding "froze" and I could no longer hand wind them. They had to go back to Switzerland to be fixed. One had to go back twice. The other one came back so smooth that I can hardly hear the gears turning when I wind it.

First, I would contact Invicta to see if it is covered by warranty. You said you purchased it second hand, so I'm not sure if it is covered. But, it's worth a try. If they say no, you can ask for an estimate. My guess is that it would be very expensive if they have to send it to Switzerland.

The other recommendation would be to take it to a local watch repair person and try to get an estimate.

If the costs for these options are too high. you may want to try finding an winder. You might even consider buying one of the Magico's on SHOPNCBC that come with a winder. You can always try e-bay.
Good luck. They're beautiful watches. I just wish they had done a better QC job.
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