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I'm going to buy a new watch and I'm pretty sure that it will be a mechanical Hamilton. The fact is that there are a lot of them which seems really similar, but I really don't know which is the best, if there's one (maybe it's a personal taste only, but there could be also technical aspects which I ignore!).
I really love the QNE (H76515533), cause the aviation design makes me fall in love.
but it's really out of budget for me.
So I'm searching for a "lower" model with a neat design and a medium-big sized bezel. The hand-winding ones meet my taste. I think that the field mechanical officer (H69619533) is really a beautiful piece:
but I've heard somewhere out there that the mechanical hand-winding system is more fragile than an automatic unit. Maybe someone of you experts can confirm this rumor or not.
Alternatively to this, I would choose automatic versions of king or field, which cost less but are less aviator-style watches. Suggestions about these two watches' series are also welcome.
As said, there are a lot of things depending on personal taste, but I really need some help based on experience or knowledge that I lack!

I apologize for the long digression and for the poor english, there's something to adjust there too :wink:
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I wanted a kind if WW2 look and I thought switching out the SS bracelet for this Waterborne strap captured the look I wanted. Mine an auto khaki. Plus I like to keep posting the same pics all the time:001_tongue:

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thanks...poor Great white hasn't been on since i got it! I'm out of cash, will be changing careers and I'm looking for my next watch...its a distructive
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