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I'm going to buy a new watch and I'm pretty sure that it will be a mechanical Hamilton. The fact is that there are a lot of them which seems really similar, but I really don't know which is the best, if there's one (maybe it's a personal taste only, but there could be also technical aspects which I ignore!).
I really love the QNE (H76515533), cause the aviation design makes me fall in love.
but it's really out of budget for me.
So I'm searching for a "lower" model with a neat design and a medium-big sized bezel. The hand-winding ones meet my taste. I think that the field mechanical officer (H69619533) is really a beautiful piece:
but I've heard somewhere out there that the mechanical hand-winding system is more fragile than an automatic unit. Maybe someone of you experts can confirm this rumor or not.
Alternatively to this, I would choose automatic versions of king or field, which cost less but are less aviator-style watches. Suggestions about these two watches' series are also welcome.
As said, there are a lot of things depending on personal taste, but I really need some help based on experience or knowledge that I lack!

I apologize for the long digression and for the poor english, there's something to adjust there too :wink:
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Hey albatros_la...I have both watches.......

First here are some pics...

Besides the Khaki Mechanical Oficer being a manual wind, it does not have a date either. As far as durability, you will not notice any difference...In fact, some say mechanicals are more durable because they have less moving parts...No date wheel or rotor. You can get the Khaki Officer for about a $100 less than the Aviation Qne.

Hope this helped.
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There's an interesting label at 6 o'clock: swiss made. It's strange, there isn't in other Hamiltons, even if the movements are all made in Switzerland. Anyone knows why?
Is this what you are referring too albatros_la?

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@bczalone - You've done a great job on that piece !:thumbup1:
Can't wait...thanks for keeping us updated !
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