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Thank you for that response. I thought it was worth a shot, that they may get an email notification and respond
You never know. I do agree with Valtyr's comment that it appears to be a somewhat 'modern' watch made to look like an antique collectible watch. If you want please feel free to post some better quality photos (particularly of the movement and any markings inside the case back) than what the OP posted and we might be able to find out some more information for you.

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This watch belonged to my grandmother, guessing 70-90 or so years old. Similar to OP's watch, but definitely has some age on it. Wound it a 'little' and it will run for 5-10 seconds each time I 'start' it, then it stops. Any ideas on refurb, etc.? THANKS!!!

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90 years, you say? Would you drive your car for 90 years without changing the oil or checking the brakes? Have pity on it. Take that poor watch to a watch repair shop and have it serviced (checked over, cleaned. and re-oiled).
Unlike quartz watches, mechanicals need to go in for regular check-ups and service.
That's the price we pay for wearing machines on our wrists instead of electronic devices. :giggle:
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