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Recently I acquired a two toned ladies Continental Watch. It is Swiss made, product number 627-24. If anyone at all can help with finding information about this watch I'll be forever grateful. The main things I am looking for is approximate age, approximate price (when originally bought and what it would be worth now). I know a fair bit about watches as I repair them for a living but have never come across this brand! Thank you, if you know anything please share with me, I'm deadly curious. Watch Analog watch Gesture Clock Everyday carry

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There's hardly anything worth being curious about.
Continental started out as a legitimate Swiss watch company in 1924.
It later went out of business (best guess is around the time quartz watches were introduced).
In 1993, the brand name was purchased by EVACO SA whose parent company is Rivoli Group of Dubai.
Their target customers are in The Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, with Egypt and Morocco thrown in for good measure.
The cases are made in God-knows-where, and Swiss watch movements (quartz and mechanical) are then purchased and slapped inside.

Not enough data exists on vintage Continental watch sales, but your example appears to be from the rejuvenated Continental Watch Co.
Continental does not openly publish MSRP figures, but used examples on eBay sell for well under $100 The current brand can only be classified as "fashion watches"...a genre that collectors eschew.
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