Hello! Should I? M series Daytona Stainless

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Hey guys surfing the net and found this awesome site! Well I make it short. Own a Sea deweller, Dayjust, and wife ownes a matching dayjust. Found a new series "M" series black face Daytona stainless with no name on papers. Fresh start i guess? For 11200 out the door. What do you guys think? Meeting the guy tommorow at AD dealer to make sure it's real.
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Meeting the guy at noon. Will check to see if the name of the ad seller staped on the paper. Thanks for the heads up guys! If i purchase it today I will Post pictures tonight! Oh by the way is it paper for cert or a plastic card now for m series?
Hey Guy's Just meet my guy with the rolex and he only had a "Z" series in black which he offered for 10800. He did bring a "M" white face which is the same cost for 11200. I really wanted the new M series in black! So i passed on them. He said the M series in black will not be availbe till next week. So i guess i have to wait.......
By the way The z series did have the new in rolex rolex in grave in the bezel. With no wear indicator.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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