Hello from Bristol!

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Hi Just a polite intro of myself; I have been a lurker for a while:blushing: and have finally found the time to register and say hello.

I have been an avid admirer of the brand since my childhood, I travelled extensively with the British Merchant Navy through the 80's and never took the plunge in any of the tax havens I visited. I plodded on with a Seiko ano/digi which did the job for Sun/Star sights.....(when Sat nav was new and LORAN and DECCA ruled the world). (I figure that wimmin, booze, and cars took a priority in those days;))

I settled down and in 1990 bought a SD:drool:. It was worn daily (apart from the inevitable services) until 2004 when due to a complete lack of judgement on my part:001_rolleyes: I sold it having been awe-inspired by the Breitling stable.

Due to a few dissapointments therewith:001_unsure: I flogged all my B's last December and acquired a new 'M' series SD about 6 weeks ago. I guess I was keen to acquire another SD pre any price increases and to make sure I could get hold of an 'original albeit updated' design in case they 'big it up' and remake it post Basel this year.

So there you have it, one happy Portzed:D sat with a SD wrapped around his wrist beating out a very nice 28,799.3333333333333 bph rhythmn that simply suits me down to the ground (loses 2 secs per 24hr period)

I guess I'll wait until I have an interesting location/backdrop and post a wrist shot in due course.

Thanks for having me!:thumbup1:
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Welcome to the forum Portzed and the SD is a great choice.
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