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Hey everyone! Kinda new to the watch community but I'm already hooked. I recently bought a Messerschmidt as I wanted to start out with something cheap so I wouldn't be afraid to wear it. Really like the look of pilot watches. Very vintage and rugged. It didn't take long however before I decided that I really didn't like the band that came with it. I stumbled onto a band shop on Etsy called FinWatchStraps and have been really happy with how it compliments the vintage look. Makes it look very well worn. So far the watch has been great. I've scraped it on a few things and it has held up really well. No scratches whatsoever. The band just gets better the more I wear it, like an old bomber jacket. I like that it is actually made in Finland. Adds to the character of the watch. Any suggestions on any other vintage looking watches? I've got my eye on the Graf Zeppelins next. Looking to purchase one soon.

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Welcome! I love generic questions like that. It's like: "I'm getting into vintage cars. Which one should I be looking at?"

Give it a good think and give us some guidelines to work with.
What's too small?
What's too big?
What's too thick and chunky?
What's too expensive?
How far back in time can we go?
Does it have to be a new watch, or can you go 'previously-owned'?
Any countries you prefer to avoid?
Mechanical? Quartz? Electric? Electronic? Hybrid?
What should we avoid when searching?

Think about that and then get back to us. And take your time.....we're not going anywhere! :laugh:
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