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Clemens At Helberg Watch came through in a big way with the delivery today of my new CH8 in CuSn8 Bronze.

The Helberg hard travel case is high quality of course, but the watch is so stunning... the following pictures will not do it justice.
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The combination of brushed surfaces with a tiny hint of polish is just perfectly balanced.
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On the wrist it wears smaller than I worried and still stands tall with this flat crystal. Crown position is very comfortable.
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The deep blue dial is a matte finish and doesn't compete with the beautiful bright bronze case or chrome inside. The blue will get more dramatic as the case patinas.
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Looking forward to living with this one!
Crown action and setting is smooth and hand alignment is spot-on.

The caseback is a hidden gem and a thing of beauty. This is true of the springbar tool/screwdriver which is easily the most gorgeous screwdriver I own...
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I couldn't be happier with the fit and finish, it is a flawless execution. The buckle is in a league of its own.

On canvas now for a dip.

My latest favorite watch...
Helberg CH8

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