Hammie QNE first impressions......

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Well.... excellent work y'all that help:wink:the Hammie Corner Forum started..thanks to John for making this happened:cool1:

My Aviation QNE arrived a few days ago... love the watch look/fit/finish ...a big piece , it shows all of those 44mm yet despite that, it is very comfortable to wear...accuracy is a PLUS 2 seconds every 24hour period (as per my atomic clock reference) at par with my Omega Seamaster (Bond GMT), better than my Rolie Sub TT (at 4 seconds plus/day) amazing considering I paid a fraction of the cost of the above named pieces for my Hammie:thumbup1:
I changed the rather utilitarian strap (IMHO) to a genuine tan round alligator piece from the folks at the JRT Exotics Shop, taking advantage of the current deals on straps at one of the 2 Shopping Networks:wink:...
A couple things I would like to see improving :sad:..lume is poor and should be a lot better in a model line intended for pilots,the crown is not a screw down deal me a freak but, I like (used to) the screw down feature in ALL my pieces who are rated at 100m/330f WR (even pilots make emergencies aqualandings sometimes;))
Overall, an awesome piece for the money, exuding quality and good X-Wing will follow soon

Couple pics for y'all to enjoy...quality...well, lousy as usual:thumbup1:
Happy New Year

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Hi eddie and a royal Hamilton welcome to you as foggy and I shiver and you are probably basking in tropical warmth. Of course all three of us have our Hamilton's to keep us warm.:thumbup1:

I think we'll put a chair out for you because we want you to come back and visit us often. Nice new watch btw. Enjoy.
Birdman, you know the CEO of Hamilton's parent company, Nick Hayek wears several watches... on each arm. He's banking on our excitement over the product.:001_smile:

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Hey, this is a SERIOUS hobby here! Just look at my avatar.
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