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There are others here who know Hamiltons far better than i do but... If i understand it right, these were part of the "Masterpiece" line and I believe that this one was made after 1962 as that was when they started putting 'Thin-o-matic' on the dial. I believe Hamilton made the 'Thin-o-matic' line from the very late 1950's to the early 1970's. I think they used a '663' movement in these watches also but you will have to open it up to confirm that. The rest of the photos just aren't clear enough for me to see anything more.

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Thin-o-matic was used to distinguish automatic movements from those that were manually wound. This watch is a DATELINE model....specifically, a DATELINE T-277. It was around this time that Hamilton started getting away from using men's and women's first names for models and just went with standardized model designations such as Dateline, Lord / Lady Lancaster, Accumatic, Thinline, etc.

It debuted in 1964 and was offered until 1966 (maybe 1967). It was gone from the 1968 catalog.

The MSRP was $140 according to the Hamilton salesmen's '64 catalog.

Quite a dip into the ol' savings account for just a wrist watch!

Use your favorite inflation calculator to find out the buying power of that amount in 2018 dollars.
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