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Sorry to hear of the theft.

Watch valuations are not an exact science; the market determines the value. Only difference being solid gold watches; they at least have an intrinsic value - the value of gold on the day of sale.

If the watch was solid gold you should be able to claim gold value for it. But you'd need to know if it was 10K or 14K gold and how much the case and bezel weighed. You could work this out from similar size and shape models. With a fireman's shield on it it was a product of Hamilton's Award Watches department and therefore custom made for the fire service.

Do you know what year it was awarded? This will help narrow things down.

If it was rolled gold plate or gold fill market value would be $100 tops; more likely less.

If your Dad was famous or awarded the watch for an act of bravery etc then the value may be higher.
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