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Hamilton Forum “1st Ever” Photo Contest

Rules: Any original photo taken of a bona fide Hamilton wristwatch, new or vintage, can be submitted by a WTF member.

Size: maximum size of 640 X 480 ONLY.

Photo manipulation: i.e. PhotoShop may be used, but we Hammie fans are such purists that au natural seems to be preferred.

Number of Entries/member: Limit 3 entries per member.

Deadline: Post your submissions by attaching them to a PM (Private Message) to Rusty or foghorn. All nominated entries must be PM'd by 9 PM US EDST, March 15, 2008. When nominations are closed, the forum moderators will prepare a poll so that your vote can be cast for the winning entry.

The winning entry will be chosen to adorn the Hamilton Forum masthead and the winner’s name will be announced to all. The prize is the honor of having your pic hanging atop the forum until 2009. In case of a tie, the Hamilton forum moderators will set up a run-off election poll.
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