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I recently decided to acquire another modern Hamilton. I'm pretty fussy about the size of modern watches but this Day Date is a reasonable 40mm.

I plunked the money down and it arrived here in West Oz within 1 week from NY.

A box with a familiar name on it.

first glimpse... looking good!!

a closer look at the dial. It's quite sparse given the modern idea of cramming the dial with heaps of design fluff.

a quick shot of the case back. The movement is a ETA 2834

another dial shot

for those interested the model number is H32505511. the range includes black and silver dials with bracelets and straps.

You'll find it in the Jazzmaster range on the Hamilton website.

Hamilton Watch · Day Date 40mm



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I'm sure we'll get some wristies soon enough. I think we should let him play with it and cuddle it a little first. :wink::lol:
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