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I have one of the rare Hamilton Coin watches that I would like to sell to one of my WTF friends. This example is the RGP version of which Rene Rondeau estimates perhaps 150-250 were produced. This aspect of the watch is discussed on the Hamilton Forum here. It is in excellent condition, please refer to the photos here and look at the rest on my photobucket page. The coin edge reeded sides are nice all the way around. This model came with the Hamilton 770 movement, one of the finest movements ever produced by Hamilton. Since I have had it, I have only given the movement a few turns to ensure that it does work but that's it. I am unsure of it's service history and I have not had it serviced so I didn't want to run it and cause any damage.

There are a few things to note. There are light marks to the case back where the notch is to remove the back. I have never removed the back because I did not want to add any more marks to the case. There are a few light scuffs on the case back but really are light, nothing to worry about. Also, If you look closely you may see one small mark on one of the lugs in one of the photos. That's about the only downside I can think of.

Excellent dial and case.

Original Band.

Mark on the inside edge of the lower right lug

It will ship with the original inner and outer boxes, warranty card and protective pad.

Here is the link to all the photos I took recently.
coin pictures by davemcc1234 - Photobucket

One might fairly ask why I would sell such a nice and rare example. 1) I have a wearing collection. This is one I don't feel comfortable wearing simply because of it's condition and rarity. 2) I've never been entirely enamored with the style. 3) I have another project that needs some financing (don't we all).

I am asking $500 plus insured, signature required shipping for this one. Payment by Paypal. Be advised that I'm shipping from Canada so rates may vary. I can get a quote to your location. Also, please be advised that there may be duty required at the delivery end. I will mark the package "vintage American Made wristwatch" in case there is no duty for American made products returning to the USA. I think it's priced fairly even considering the possibility of duty. Please use the PM messaging function to contact me. It's more reliable than me checking my email.

I think that's all. Any questions, please PM.
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