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Hi, Just sharing with you the info I found on WUS regarding the new H2O Navale.

I am in love with this one, now the question is, should I go for the black dial or the blue dial... Both looks like gorgeous to my eyes :Cheers:


Hey Everyone,

H20 has released a Limited Edition watch for their H2O Watch Addicts Facebook group. Watch dial design was voted on by members of the group.

4 dials - blue and black sunray with a DATE or NO DATE option
4 bezel options available - 2 SS and 2 ceramic
6 handset options
Bracelet option available as an add on

And a MIND BLOWING $399 EURO entry price point!

Link to pre-order which is open to all: h2o - watch . com/featured/ h2o- navale- limited - edition- 2020 . html

Some sample photos below:

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