Grand Seiko Bug

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I had the chance to handle and inspect this beauty last Sunday while in Singapore....the watch is bewitching!

The dial looks like rice paper, the workmanship is so refined. Vandice who was with me, pointed out the way the bracelet drapes over the wrist like silk. Fantastic watch!:thumbup1:
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Now THAT is a watch.

It's one of the most complicated GS on the market right now, in terms of case and bracelet. A pity I can't afford one though.
This is why we dream...:D...btw I love the way light is reflected of your GS dial. The hour and minute markers look like tiny crystals mounted upon the dial, reflecting light in it's rainbow spectrum. Too beautiful to describe. :thumbup1:
That's partly why I bought it. It was too pretty not to. :))
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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