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Do what you gotta do

I'm also debating whether to start collecting pocket watches. :cursing:

This thread has really got me thinking I should. The watches themselves are nice, but what really has me wanting to collect them is the beautiful movements! The craftmanship really stands out from that early period. What gorgeous machining!

Ahhh, but there are so many watches I've yet to collect! Aaaargh, what to do, what to do?:001_wub:
Lucky for all of us that you and 007 haven't won the lottery. There would be nothing left out there for the rest of us to buy.:sad:

I know there are PW guys and Strap Watch guys, but down deep we all suffer from the same affliction. :blushing:pocket watches coexisted with wrist watches for a long time. While the PW's eventually went the way of the American watch manufacturers, there was a period of overlap that I find interesting. A great example...RJ007 showed us his Bunn Railroad Pocket Watch along with the corresponding "Off-Duty" strap watch to be worn when not on the job. When they need a truly accurate timepiece, as with my
AN5740 Navigation Watch, they entrusted their lives to a good old PW.

Just think how many Bennie PW's are out there waiting for you to discover.:sneaky2:
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