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Well, I finally bit the bullet & took my Tag Diver to the AD today to leave it with them for some work. It's been 12 years without any service so it's well overdue for an overhaul. 4-6 weeks to get this done (as quoted by the AD):

New mineral crystal glass (I actually thought it was sapphire, but obviously not).
Dismantle movement completely.
Chemically clean movement, inspect and replace necessary parts.
Dismantle, clean and polish case and bracelet (bracelet is brand new original item last September so shouldn't need anything done. Case has a couple of medium scratches - bet they don't make much effort to fix them...).
Reassemble movement, (whew, and I thought they'd just give me a box of parts back) lubricate and adjust.
Adjust escapement and regulate.
Replace all gaskets, perform vacuum and pressure tests.

For the grand total of $495NZD ($392USD).

I will post pics of this when it gets back.
I can't help but think of all the lovely watches I could have bought for the cost of this service.... but it's a rare watch, very sentimental value, blah blah you get the picture.
In fact, here is the picture....

I've seen these on ebay in absolute rubbish condition for about $900USD, and I only paid a couple of hundred for it, so I shouldn't begrudge it a service. It has given faultless performance despite being 'abused' as an everyday 'beater' for about 10 years straight.

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It'll be like getting a new watch.

Thanks foggy. I know there will be members who are probably thinking 'what a waste of money' that I'm spending more than the purchase price of some very good watches, but I was determined to get this done by the AD, so I can hopefully get the best service possible (please, no horror stories of AD's screwing things up, I'm a bit fragile at the moment :blushing:).
As you said, I hope it will be like getting a new watch.

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"I know there will be members who are probably thinking 'what a waste of money' "

absolutly not, well not me anyway. that is a beautiful example of a Tag, I always loved that particular model.. I most assuredly agree that having the service is the correct thing to do:thumbup:

it's a far better thing you do , Mr Muttley..

I can't wait to see the pictures of your NEW Tag:thumbup1::thumbup1:


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That one is well worth servicing for all the reasons you stated. Your old friend will be like new upon its return.

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Hey, thanks for the positive comments guys. I was worried I'd get a ribbing for blowing $$$ on it, but I'm now a lot more happy to have done it (as long as the end result is as hoped for). I've read a couple of your posts about getting Rolexs, Omegas and other 'high end' watches serviced by AD's and the results often look stunning - like a new watch.
As I mentioned, 4-6 weeks to get done, so don't hold your breath for an update. But I hearby give the solemn Mutt promise to post a plethora of pics on it's return :biggrin:
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