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All that remains is my Tag Heuer F1 chronograph. The Explorer ii is the only watch I have moved out of the collection, thankfully to someone I know. Thus it's in good hands when he's not wearing his Breitling for Bentley behemoth!

The time came when all my wrist time is shared between a handful of 40mm watches or smaller. Thus, I was happy to find a collector with similar interests and pulled the deal about an hour ago.

Here is me saying my last goodbyes and preparing the package for a good home.

Got it all polished and provided extra links and leather strap with logo buckle. Sitting next to my daily watch.

Off to a good home! :)

The seller? Well he's got a Patek Philippe for dress, drives the new VW beetle. Has two M9's! And a Nikon D700. This was his rare and I mean rarely used X1!

Both new homes and happy owners.

Thank you B1. One of the ultimate tool watches! Welcome x1!

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