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y guys I'm new to this forum, I've been interested in old pw's for a little while, my grandfather gave me his old watch be4 he passed, thing is it has no name on it, my other 2 pw's I know who makes em but this 1 idk.. . Its a gold pocketwatch, its got a flowerly like family crest design engraved on the front, and an 18 with a crown on top etched on the inside, along with the serial number and a year, "W 1870" it says. It also has engraved "PATENT" and underneath in old English font "Lever". If anyone could lend any insight on who makes it or the value of it I'd appreciate it. Thanks

2012-03-30 17.49.41-1.jpg
2012-03-30 17.19.24-1.jpg
2012-03-30 17.22.49-1.jpg
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