GMT Pro Diver?

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Hi everyone, I just purchased my 3rd Invicta the 4469 (yes I know, I owe you guys some pictures, sorry, I promise I will get them out as soon as my camera is fixed :laugh:) Now I want to buy a 4th one. I am addicted. However, for my 4th I would like a GMT pro diver. Does one exist? If so what's the model number. Any pics would be nice too.

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This is the only Pro Diver GMT I know of, the 9402. I have one and I like it. There are also a black and blue dial version of this, 9401 and 9403 respectively. It's quartz but it does fall into the Pro Diver family.

not my pic
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No prob. The case back is only slightly thinner than any of my autos. If you have seen the case back on the official Invicta homage watch company, Relox or something like that, then you have pretty much seen the one on this watch. I wish I'd gone with the black dial as the white on white isn't always the easiest to read.
Trust me, I have that problem with my speedway. Will never make that mistake again :laugh:
Yeah, and I bought the wht/wht after I got my 9210 Yachtty which also suffers from the same problem. Didn't learn the first time. :huh:

Which Speeday, 9211? I think that's the gray/silver version and it's why I went with the 9212 gold two-tone. I learned after the second time. :wink:
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