GMT Master/Explorer Photo SUPERTHREAD!!!

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Let's see 'em boys! :cool1:

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After "exploring" different watch forums...

...I have found that i like THIS place! :D

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Let´s play some tennis :cool1:

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Just joined the GMT Owners Club!
My new (to me) Y Series GMT Master II.

And the obligatory wrist shot...
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Very cool Hannes.

Is this the "Fat Lady" version?
Yes it is. Ref. 16760.
excellent pics SLRDude! I'm trying to master my Nikon 105 Macro!

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I feel like a kid in a candy store! You all have some really great watches!! I agree with john on rolex reference page; it's hard to explain, but i l-o-v-e rolex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I purchased my 16610 new from an ad in 2007. Wow! Great pics
Wow! That's a very impressive picture Hannes. Love the colors and the water.
Wow...that orange hand Explorer II looks brand new! :scared:
Well, it´s over 20 years old of course but also my absolute favorite at this time :001_smile:
GMT question here. My favorite watch of all time behind my submariner is the 16713 aka: "bronze." I have not seen very many of them. Are they not popular or what?
Law...generally speaking this particular thread is purely for posting photos, so you might do better by starting another topic.

I've never heard the old style GMTs called "bronze" before. In the online community, there's a variation called the "root beer" - might that be what you mean?
WOW nice watch!...the view isn't bad either.
Thanks!! I´m from Brazil but I was in Greece when I took the pictures! :001_smile:
141 - 160 of 234 Posts
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