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Alright guys..... I think we have more IWC owners out there than we realize. And what better way to get people engaged than in pictures!! Also, we are seriously lacking in a Masthead Photo for the IWC forum. So, what are we gonna do about it? We're gonna have an IWC photo contest!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Stay tuned for details, it'll officially kick off sometime in late January. But get those cameras warmed up & start thinking of ideas.....

Stay tuned, more to come....

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Hope I have an advantage. I will be travelling to Schaffhausen in February to drop off a couple of watches for a spa treatment. I can envision some photos in the home of IWC.

Alternatively, I will be skiing in Zermatt as well so some shots with the Matterhorn in the background could be a winner too.

Good luck to all. I love seeing creative photos particularly of my favorite IWC's.


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I really need to take some nice pictures of the new 5001, I already have an idea in mind but still don't have the props I need for it :sad:

Kind regards,

Hey Cinq,

You got a couple weeks to get ideas.. We're planning to officially start the contest end of Jan / early Feb...

So get the minds churning & the pictures taking! :thumbup1:

Can't wait to see all the great photo's I know everyone's going to submit! :thumbup:
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