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by a PiKtoRIAL HaLL of FaME

Y'all are most welcome to take your pick of Omega watches from the Archives :thumbup1:

Now pals, here's what to do -

Go to the archives, the links of which are placed above or in the originating post in OMEGALand and simply drag the pictures of the watches you would like Dan BosKOE to send you, into the body of your post. You need to add the image tags at the start and end of the picture links. The img tags are in square brackets with the word img. The " end tag " has a \img in the square brackets.

If in doubt, simply do a quote on any of the above pictorial posts and look at the start and end of each picture link.

Let's celebrate Dan whose pikTORial depiction of Horror
logiKAL artifacts have long been InsPiraSHUNAL to all of us at WTF

Y'all be well now pals :001_smile:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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