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Hey guys ! ! ! ! ! !

I had a VERY exciting morning ! ! ! ! !

This morning me and Tiffany drove about 50 miles Northwest to the town of St. Charles, Illinois.

In St. Charles at the Pheasant Run Resort they were holding the "Military Fest".

I was hoping to score some watches but then something MUCH better happened ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is pretty much a DREAM COME TRUE ! ! ! ! !

There were two Great War (WWI) re-enactment scenes at the show.

The first one was pretty cool, a trench scene but the second one stopped me in my tracks and my jaw just about hit the floor ! ! ! !

I knew who it was the second that I saw him.............General "Blackjack" Pershing himself ! ! ! ! ! ! !

A professional photographer was taking pictures of him and the other men for some military magazine so I snapped a few shots for myself.

We waited around for a few minutes and we got a chance to speak with him and his wife (the nurse in the pictures).

His real name is Dane and he looks almost EXACTLY like General Pershing himself ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Dane and his wife were VERY nice to me and Tiffany, stood there and chatted with them for about 20 minutes.

I then asked General Pershing if it would be okay if Tiffany took a picture of me and him together, he kindly obliged.

I then took it ONE STEP FURTHER and I asked General Pershing "General of the Armies" (highest rank possible) if he would mind taking just one more picture.

I wanted a picture of General Pershing wearing my Elgin Trench Watch ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I was wearing my 10k Gold Filled Elgin Trench Watch with a THREADED Integrated Shrapnel Guard & Swivel Lugs, 17 jewels with a RED 12 enamel dial ! ! ! ! !

The General kindly put the Elgin on his wrist and the rest is history ! ! ! ! ! ! !

As me and Tiffany said our goodbyes to the General and his wife and started to walk away I started giggling and I had a smile from ear to ear ! ! ! !

Tiffany said that she has never seen me more happy & excited in the five years that we have known each other ! ! ! !

And yes, I am still giggling ! ! ! ! !


Dane looks so much like General Pershing it's not even funny ! ! ! !

Here is a better picture of the Elgin Trench Watch.

All I had was my camera phone with my, did not even think to bring the Sony Cyber-Shot with me today.


Not too long ago you said that "this was the watch of a General"..............................I guess that you were right ! ! ! ! !

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Adam, your information in the beginners watch forum (about this very man) is what got me into American watches.

Stan, you have fulfilled a simulated history that makes me happy to see! Thank you for bringing me along on this journey!

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Me, I am glad to have passed my passion to others.
The Beginners Forum was fantastic place, that would have become the number 1 forum here, now in my personal opinion a former shadow of its self

Such is life.
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