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This time I have a nice large dressy watch for sale. It has nice classic design elements and stunning dial. Inside it has a french quartz movement ticking away time in rather accurate manner (no idea of real derivation in year but it's been dead on all the time I've owned it). This is the older not as blingy model and great looking piece. This has got TONS of compliments from people and i must say it's a stunner in metal. Reason for this sale is the incomings (as always and this time it's custom made for order watch) and the size, althou it's "only" 37mm wide it's still HUGE wears much larger then any of my 40mm wide watches ever. Thanks for it's shape and large dial. Crystal is curved and looks great, specially when it catches light. Watch has a rather nice lume (as seen on last picture, which was taken during day light and shows what it looks like when you place it under the table during full daylight, in night it's nice and bright, not Seiko strenght but still strong) and all numerals have lume too. Dial has nice textured surface. All in all nice watch oh and this is the first watch my wife liked so it must go :D

Has 27mm wide alligator strap.
Dimensions: 37mm x 52mm
Movement: French Ebauche 73310 quartz

Payment via PayPal or IBAN, costs and shipping included in price (shipping in expres mail, fast, secure and trackable). Price is 450 euros or for you UK people let's call it 350 pounds (since I know pound is real weak at the moment or was euro strong, anyway) or 500 USD for our friends over the pond since their currency ain't doing too well either. And if your in euro area and you really want a deal, just ask I just might make one for you.

For trades I would be intrested mainly in vintage pieces right now, what you got? Some vintage and worn out (but running strong) Tudor would be amazing or Zenith even better. Just blow me away with your offer.

As always I'm open for offers, there's no lowball offers in existance, I just accept to some and not to others :) If we've done trades/sales before let me know and I work out a deal for you :) And if we've not just ask is your price is right, it just might be.
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