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Our mistake is your gain. This recent batch of premium calfskin leather NATOs were
made with hardware that is too small to allow the tail to be doubled back. As such,
they will need to be trimmed by you with a pair of scissors to reduce the excess tail.
Selling for only $16.00, these straps have the quality of a $60+ leather NATO.

Click here to watch the informative video on trimming and installing these straps.

These straps are truly beautiful. They are stitched and highly finished, using fine full-grain
calfskin leather. The edges are finished, and they feature brushed stainless steel hardware.

CLICK TO BUY @ $16/ea:
Black: 20mm or 22mm
Brown: 20mm or 22mm

FULL NOTICE: Almost every one of these straps has hardware too thin to allow the tail to be doubled back.
A few of them may have the room (namely the 22mm black models), but before purchasing please be aware
that you will probably have to trim the strap as outlined in the Youtube video linked above and embedded
below. Don't let that deter you from enjoying these awesome straps - they look great trimmed, as seen below.

Photo showing 2 trimmed straps:

The trimming/installing video:

Should you have any questions prior to purchasing, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for looking! Sincerely, C&B
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