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For Sale Casio COSMO watch. See the planets positions!! Rare, vintage and VERY collectible, and being sold at a big discount. This watch is in better shape than ones that went go for $250 on up.

* Displays current planets positions in solar system and can show future postions
* Shows when Haley's comet is coming next and when it came in the past
* This is a very collectible watch I've seen these go for $250 on up
* Alarm
* Timer
* Stopwatch
* Screwback version

Price $220 including shipping inside Continental US, shipping will be more outside the US. Not interested in trades or lower priced offers, thank you.

Payment is by Paypal or cashiers check. Please email me if you are interested in the watch at [email protected]
My paypal address is different than the above address I will send it to you if you are interested the watch.


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