Friday: 7 Dec 07

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What is on your wrist on this Day of Rememberance?
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I will be wearing the new Hamilton tomorrow again.

I've been talking about it so long that now that it's in and it's my first day back at work, I'll want to show it to the other watch hounds.

The watch has a military appearance, so I think that will be appropriate for Pearl Harbor day. I will also wear a pin to commemorate my military service in honor of the day.

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my father, honored by the French govt for his part in joining the Free French Marines in 1940, before America joined in. Georges Louis R***, 1923-2005.

one of dad's favorites

Never forget 12/7/41 as a Day of Infamy and the start of American entry into WWII. To those who served in WWII, your children and grandchildren thank you for sacrifices.

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A black Seamaster,

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I'm wearing my Bell & Ross BR03-92 today...

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The trusty Legend is keeping me company until the Reserve Speedway shows up

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Not wearing, but in my pocket, my father's Harvel, ruined in the Pacific Theater of WWII. He had been in WWI, but never made it into combat. After Pearl Harbor, although over 40, he pulled every string he had to get back in the Army, and finally succeeded, as an MP officer. He finally pestered his way into one of the last big battles and escaped unscathed. The watch didn't fare so well, having been on his wrist when he got caught in a typhoon.
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on that same theme

I'm wearing my Father's daily wear watch, he was also a WWII veteran.

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Searacer Link for me.

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