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Hi everyone, finally registered here.

Went into my AD as soon as I arrived back in the UK today (actually went to buy an IWC :blushing:) and enquired on the status of my PO LE that you may remember I took in under warranty.

The AD telephoned Omega who apologised for the delay (I sent it in October) and told me it wouldn't be ready until probably the end of January.
They said as a good will gesture because its taking so long they would send me some free gifts...but they didn't say what?

What do you think I'll get.

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Hey Mr Icarus

Good to see you again.

Don't know what you'll get my friend but I can tell you that you can have your post count restored if you send a request by PM to John. :thumbup1:

Hope all is well


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What a nice gesture! To be honest, I am not sure what they will provide; but, do you know if they will mail it to you, or do you have to pick it up?

BTW, I noticed this was your first post, so:

Let me welcome you to WTF!!!!

No doubt you will find this board quite interesting, as we have multiple forums, each with its own bunch of characters.

Have you seen our FAQ yet?

Take about 30 seconds to read, and explains the forum.

If you are intersted in posting pictures, and we love to post here, check out Mr. Houston's Quick and Easy way to post. Guaranteed Success!!


Posting pictures is very easy. Here's what you do -

1. Register with a picture host like
This is a free service for up to 1,000 images.

2. Once registered, use the choose or browse function on your photobucket homepage to locate the image you wish to post, from your hard drive

PLEASE REMEMBER to set the maximum size of the image
800 x 600 is best
Anything else would make viewing and accessing the page for users difficult.

3. Click SELECT and then UPLOAD

4. Once uploaded, simply copy the fourth option under each image on your photobucket homepage and paste it into the body of your text here. This fourth link is the Image Tag.

If you have any questions at all, you have a few options too:

Just post a thread and ask! We answer a wide range here and everyone is willing to help anyone out. For stuff not covered by watches, you can post in the Community Forum.

You can also send an Administrator/Moderator a PM (Private Message) to do that, just click on the person's name, and then select private message.

So, put your seat back in an upright position, tray back in place, and strap yourself in and enjoy WTF!!!

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hello there Mr Icarus,

good to see you've joined us over here:thumbup1:

maybe a day planner or a pen set, maybe a new Speedy:thumbup:

whatever it may be , we'd like to see pics:thumbup1:

glad to have you back,

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