Frederique Constant Heart Beat FC-310LHB2PD4B & FC-310SQ2PD4 - Love for the Ladies

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Frederique Constant Heart Beat FC-310LHB2PD4B & FC-310SQ2PD4 - Love for the Ladies

Well.... It's getting to be that season where gift items are essential, putting purchases for yourself are on hold and thinking of your loved ones comes first. Today, I am posting in regards to two of our greatest gift items at AZ Fine Time... The Frederique Constant Ladies Heart Beat Love & Amour watches.


FC-310LHB2PD4B-1 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310LHB2PD4B-2 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310LHB2PD4B-3 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

The Love watch was inspired a couple of years back after the tremendous success of their Ladies Double Heart Beat (which had 2 hearts exposing the balance wheel showing the "heart beat" of the piece). The "Love" has taken it one step further using the "O" in the cursive love text to expose the heart beat. Diamonds cover the word "Love" to enhance the look and design.

FC-310LHB2PD4B-4 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310LHB2PD4B-6 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

Using 112 diamonds on the bezel and dial, the piece is sure to grab attention. The dial is a Vanilla guilloché with small hearts spreading across the whole dial and the case and bracelet are stainless steel with 10 micron Rose Gold plating. The plating helps keep the price affordable at $4,600 retail. If the case and bracelet were solid, it would easily price out over double the plated.

FC-310LHB2PD4B-7 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310LHB2PD4B-8 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310LHB2PD4B-9 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310LHB2PD4B-10 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

The movement is a self-winding FC-310 (ETA Base) that is assembled and modified in FC's factory in Geneva. The movement is beautifully decorated as you can see through the case-back, and also in the exposed portion of the dial. The bracelet is also equipped with quick release pins to make for easy change to a wide variety of colored authentic alligator or satin straps to give the piece a whole new look.

FC-310LHB2PD4B-5 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr


FC-310SQ2PD4-1 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310SQ2PD4-2 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310SQ2PD4-3 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

The "Amour" is the latest addition to the ladies automatic heart beat collection. This variation was designed by Shu Qi, the famous Chinese actress you may have seen in such films as "The Transporter", and since 2008, ambassador for Frederique Constant in Asia.

FC-310SQ2PD4-4 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310SQ2PD4-5 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

The case design is the same on the Amour as it is on the Love. This piece has 93 diamonds on the bezel and dial as well as the obvious "Amour" as opposed to "Love", most all other components are the same. Shu Qi's etched autograph is also on the case-back crystal and the piece is limited to 888 pieces, each being individually numbered.

FC-310SQ2PD4-6 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310SQ2PD4-7 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310SQ2PD4-8 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

FC-310SQ2PD4-9 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

This model comes on a White satin strap, also with the quick release for easy strap changes. The dial has a similar Opaline heart patterned guilloché, but only in the center of the dial. The remainder of the dial is a beautiful mother of pearl that is matched perfect to the Opaline color found throughout the rest of the dial. You will also find diamond hour markers on the Amour, where the love only has the Roman numeral VI. The Amour retails for $4650.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-486-3996 to see what specials we have for WTF members.

Both pieces are absolutely stunning and sure to be a spectacular gift for the one you love. As always, please let me know if I can be any help.

Also, feel free to check out more Frederique Constants on our site by clicking here. You may even find a great gift for yourself.

Thank you for your time and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Well look at that - a heart guilloché pattern! :thumbup1:
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