Four New Orient World Time Watches

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* Automatic with Hand Winding
* Hacking
* World Time (Rotating Inner Locking Ring)
* Waterproof to 10 Atm.
* Black IP coating on some
* Case Diameter is 45mm
* Sapphire Crystal (Non-Reflective Coating)
*Cost ~ $600USD

Pics by Watch-Tanaka of Japan
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yeah, I'm puzzled too. When I think of Orient I think of super high quality conservatively styled watches. Am I new to these more wildly styled lines or are them new to everyone?
I agree. In the past year, Orient has been becoming more "fashion & trend" conscious than Seiko. Their styles are becoming too "out there" for me. I like the older Orients and Orient Stars better myself. Although Orient makes their own watches and in-house movements, "style wise," I fear Orient is starting to remind me of a Japanese Invicta.

Start to worry when Higuchi sends you your next Orient Star in a cheese yellow box! :D :lol:
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