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So i found this with some other old watches and jewelry going through a loved ones belongings after she passed away two weeks ago.
After much debate and battles and recent mourning i haven't been able to thoroughly look through a lot of the items i've received. Alot of it was junk
i was going to put into storage to save regardless of what it is. But a friend of mine told me this is a vintage longines and made a big deal about it.
If anyone can point me in the direction of the model or year that would be great. i really dont know much about watches so excuse my lack of terminology :sad:


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i tried the identifier and answered the questions to the best to my ability and it came up with no results :(
You might have to go page by page to find the model, and it might not be there anyway. :sad:

or how do i locate the serial number on the movement?
The caseback should pop off but be careful. If you aren't confident enough to do it, take it to a local watchmaker.

edit: and im sorry for so many questions. but are they're such things as unauthentic longines's?
Yes, there are fake Longines - even back then there were counterfeits. From Popular Science, December 1971:

Popular Science - Google Books

We can't tell for sure if it's real or not until the caseback is off and we can see some clear shots of the movement and inside of the caseback. Fake watches never copy the movement and use generic cheap ones.

And don't worry about the amount of questions. Answers are free around here.

..... mostly. :001_tongue:
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