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Here are a few items to update you on the happenings of the Hamilton Watch forum. First, I could not sleep last night so when I went to the forum, there were 11 of you on at the same time. I think that is the most I have seen since foggy promised to peck out the strains of the William Tell overture on the Hamilton bakelite watch box collection of mgiraz.:blink:

The end of March and the start of April presents a "perfect storm" for us and I mean that in a good way. April 1 is our three month anniversary (no foolin') and with a little luck, we shall hit 5,000 posts. We have already exceeded 500 threads. That's a lot of yakking, you blabbermouths.:lol:

Also, March 31 at 9 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time will end the voting for our masthead photo contest. Right now we have a four way tie. If the tie continues, we will post a runoff election to pick the winning photo. Thanks all for your pix and votes. This could go down to the wire.:eek:

The first week of April is also the start of the biggest watch show in the world at Basel, Switzerland so be watching as the new Hamilton models are introduced, we shall try to post the info here on the forum.:thumbup1:

So all in all, a big week coming up and I am excited. I hope you are.
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